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Woodland name trail (mini beasts) Looking to identify the minibeasts of soil and leaf litter? Bebbington et al No Publication View Edit
Woodland plants Colour illustrations of 41 species of common woodland plant are included in this 8-page laminated fold-out chart. Gulliver, Gulliver & Roberts No Publication View Edit
Woodlice Woodlice are amongst the most familiar of animals. Oliver & Meechan No Publication View Edit
Woodlice and Waterlice (Isopoda: Oniscidea & Asellota) in Britain and Ireland 4 species of waterlice and 40 species of woodlice occur outdoors in Britain and Ireland. Gregory No Publication View Edit
World Spider Catalog This primarily a fully searchable online database covering spider taxonomy, but it has a longer history of predecessors Natural History Museum of Bern Yes Online View Edit