ID Framework - what's new in version 1.4.0

Version 1.4.0 of the ID Framework introduces some new features including a new way of displaying details for taxa and a new way of visualising a multi-access key - the 'Circle-pack Key'. The new taxon details dialog includes knowledge-base values, photos and additional text information (HTML pages) all in one place - a tabbed dialog - that can be invoked from most visualisations just by clicking on a taxon name. It replaces the 'full details' visualisation which has been removed. The Circle-pack Key is a new multi-access key that works in just the same way as the other multi-access keys, but visualises the results in a radically different way. It also features a way to view taxa within the context of their taxonomic relationships.

A full list of the addtions, changes and fixes in the new release can be found here in the GitHub changelog.

The first video below demonstrates these two new features.


The next video demonstrates the Circle-pack Key working with a knowledge-base for UK Linyphiidae (Money Spiders).

Try the Linyphiidae visualisation for yourself here: