RES Handbook Vol 10 Part 14. An introduction to the immature stages of British Flies. Diptera Larvae, with notes on eggs, puparia and pupae. Main text

Knowledge of the larvae of Diptera lags far behind that of the adults. Of the 130 or so families of Diptera currently recognised in the world some 20 remain undescribed in the larval stages, including the following which occur in the British Isles: Acartophthalmidae, Asteiidae, Camillidae, Chyromyidae, Stenomicridae, Tethinidae and Trixoscelidae (formerly included in the Heleomyzidae). These families are, however, included in the present handbook with suggestions as to where their larvae should be sought. Of the more than 80,000 species of Diptera known to science probably less than two per cent have been described in the immature stages while adults of further new species are continually being described.
K. G. V. Smith
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