RES Handbook Vol 10 Part 3a. Diptera - Conopidae

FLIES of the family Conopidae may be recognized by the narrowed or closed first posterior cell (R5) and the long anal cell (Cu) of the wing, the usually elongate and often geniculate proboscis and the more or less inflated head. The Conopidae have in the past been regarded as having close relationships with the Syrphidae, but there has been indecision in placing the family in the Aschiza or Schizophora series. It has been proposed that the family be placed in a separate series, the Archischiza, equal in status to the remaining Schizophora. Hennig (1958) and Steyskal (1957) regard the family as belonging to the Acalyptrates, closely related to the Trypetidae. In the present work they are placed in the Division Aschiza of the Cyclorrhapha, superfamily Syrphoidea.
Kenneth G. V. Smith
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