RES Handbook Vol 10 Part 4b. Diptera - Cyclorrhapha Calyptrata, Section (b) Muscidae

HENNIG (1955) divides the Calyptrata into three families and one superfamily, as follows: Cordyluridae, Muscidae, Anthomyiidae and Calliphoroidea. The separation by Hennig of the Muscid subfamily Anthomyiinae (as Anthomyiidae) from the rest of the Muscidae is a useful division, firstly because the Anthomyiinae form a large, distinct and easily characterized group which may with justification be raised to family status, and secondly because there at present exist so many gaps in the knowledge of this difficult group that some considerable time must elapse before it can be dealt with satisfactorily. In the present Handbook, therefore, the family Muscidae is restricted to six subfamilies: Muscinae, Stomoxyinae, Phaoniinae, Coenosiinae, Lispinae and Fanniinae.
E. C. M. d'Assis Fonseca
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