RES Handbook Vol 2 Part 2c. Cicadellidae (Typhlocybinae) with a checklist of the British Auchenorhyncha (Hemiptera, Homoptera)

The Auchenorhyncha is generally regarded as being divided into two series, the Cicadomorpha and the Fulgoromorpha. The latter group of about 84 species was keyed in an earlier handbook (Le Quesne, 1960) . The Cicadomorpha forms the larger series, keys to all except the subfamily Typhlocybinae of the Cicadellidae being published as handbooks in 1965 and 1969 (Le Quesne, 1965a, 1969). The present handbook is aimed at completing the work on the British Auchenorhyncha by dealing with the 95 species of the Typhlocybinae. It also includes a revised check list of all the British Auchenorhyncha. The sections dealing with the Typhlocybinae are the work of W. J . Le Quesne whilst K. R . Payne was responsible for preparing the check list.
W. J. Le Quesne and K. R. Payne
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