RES Handbook Vol 4 Part 8a. Coleoptera. Staphylinidae. Section (a) Piestinae to Euaesthetinae

THE family Staphylinidae contains in the British Isles about 950 species, that is to say about one-quarter of the total number of Coleoptera occurring in the country. It is one of the most neglected families and consequently offers great scope for those who wish to do some useful work in addition to just forming a collection. The beginner can feel that he can immediately accomplish something. Records of species from all districts are badly needed; large numbers of even the commonest species have never been fully described; the description, with figures, of the aedeagus in the male and, where it exists, of the spermatheca in the female, yet remains to be done in the case of more than half of the British species; a comparative study of the apical abdominal segments of genera and species is an important task yet to be undertaken; many of the larvae have never been described and the life histories and habits of many species are as yet unknown.
C. E. Tottenham
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