RES Handbook Vol 5 Part 3. Adults and Larvae of Hide, Larder and Carpet Beetles and their relatives (Coloptera: Dermestidiae) and of Derodontid Beetles (Coleoptera: Derodontidae). Main text

The family Dermestidae contains over 1000 species in about 50 genera and is represented in every zoogeographical region of the world. By far the greatest number of genera and species occurs in the Palaearctic Region and the smallest number in the Oriental Region. Dermestid larvae feed mainly on animal material, but a few are able to live partly or wholly on vegetable material. Although sometimes found in numbers on vegetable material, they may be feeding on dead insects. Sometimes the adults are found in the same habitats as the larvae and feed on the same materials e.g. Dermestes and Thylodrias spp., but in most cases the adults do not feed or, if they have access to flowers, may feed on pollen and nectar. However, in this case, they still might be found with the larvae, as they often mate and lay eggs before flying to flowers.
E. R. Peacock
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