RES Handbook Vol 8 Part 1b. Hymenoptera. Cynipoidea. Eucoilidae

THE family Eucoilidae is the largest and most widely distributed of the parasitic families in the Cynipoidea. Kloet & Hincks (1945) listed 61 species and 11 genera as British; the revised check list given here lists 52 species and 16 genera. One new generic synonym and seven new specific synonyms are included in the present study. The Eucoilidae form a distinctive natural group and were treated as a family by Eady & Quinlan (1963), who gave keys to families and subfamilies of Cynipoidea. Terminology used in the keys follows Richards (1956) except that older names have been used for certain veins of the forewings where this will make it easier to understand the keys and figures.
John Quinlan
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