RES Handbook Vol 9 Part 4a. Diptera - Brachycera. Tabanoidea and Asiloidea

(Now superceded - see comments.) THE evolution of Diptera has clearly followed two main lines, one leading to Nematocera, and the other to all the rest, which are "Brachycera" in the broad sense (see Vol. IX (1) : 31). The second line of evolution led first to a sequence of more primitive families which have become stabilized, and (with few exceptions) are easy to separate from each other; and then to a complex of more advanced families (Cyclorrhapha) which appear to be much less stabilized, and which present many problems at the family level of classification.
Harold Oldroyd
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Some useful information in this 1969 key, but it is known to contain some errors and there are more accurate recent keys available. For information on identifying this group of flies see: