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Title Description Author(s) Free Availability
Coleoptera: Kateretidae & Nitudulidae: Meligethinae (Pollen beetles) RES Handbook vol 5 part 6a. Kirk-Spriggs No Publication View Edit
Collembola Taxonomy Summary information about the distribution and ecology of Collembola (springtails) in the UK and Ireland. The page list Peter Shaw/Steve Hopkin Yes Online View Edit
Collins Tree Guide Over 1500 trees of Britain and Northern Europe described, with pictures of the whole tree, flowers, leaves and twigs. Owen Johnson No Publication View Edit
Colour Identification Guide to Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns 240pp. 62 colour plates. Detailed descriptions, keys and clear illustrations of some 400 species. Francis Rose No Publication View Edit
Commensal and parasitic copepods associated with marine invertebrates (2nd ed.) This Synopsis covers species known to live parasitically or commensally with marine invertebrates. Gotto No Publication View Edit
Common Bush-crickets and Grasshoppers Online guide to common bush crickets, grasshoppers and groundhoppers. Yes Online View Edit
Common Micro-moths of Berkshire The book is an extensively illustrated guide to the identification of over 100 the common micro-moths found in Berkshire Berkshire Moth Group No Publication View Edit
Common seashells This is a new chart covering common seashells found around the shores of Britain and Ireland. FSC & Shields No Publication View Edit
Common seaweeds Seaweeds are usually easily recognisable. Morrell & Roberts No Publication View Edit
Common Topshells: An Introduction To The Biology Of Osilinus Lineatus With Notes On Other Species In The Genus This review concentrates on those features of common topshell biology that are amenable to field study – distribution, a J. H. Crothers Yes Online, PDF View Edit
Commoner water plants Need an identification guide to water plants?
 This 12-panel laminated fold-out chart is designed to help you to Orton, Bebbington & Bebbington No Publication View Edit
Comon Urban Wall Ferns A guide to eight common wall ferns that can be spotted around British towns and cities. OPAL Yes Online, PDF, Publication View Edit
Conchological Society Encyclopedia of Marine Molluscs The Encyclopedia is an emerging on-line reference source for the species of mollusc found within Britain and Ireland whi Conchological Society of Britain and Ireland Yes Online View Edit
Concise Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland A great practical solution for every active moth enthusiast - a guide with all the illustrations of the classic Field Gu Martin Townsend & Paul Waring, illustrated by Richard Lewington No Publication View Edit
Conifers in the British Isles: a descriptive handbook A comprehensive (if a little dated) guide to British conifers. Alan F. Mitchell No Publication View Edit
Conopids 'Conopids' is an open Facebook group for anyone interested in thick-headed flies (Diptera: Conopidae). David Clements Yes Online View Edit
Copepods parastic on fishes (revised) This Synopsis covers 130 species known to parasitise fish (mainly from the poecilostomatoid and siphonostomatoid groups, Kabata No Publication View Edit
Creeping Forget-me-not - ID video A video guide (short YouTube film) to the diagnostic features of Creeping Forget-me-not, to aid in the identification of Lliam Rooney/BSBI Yes Online View Edit
Cyclostome Bryozoans Bryozoans can be found in most marine habitats. Hayward & Ryland No Publication View Edit
Dandelions (Taraxacum) of Britain and Ireland A Facebook group devoted to the identification of UK dandelions (Taraxacum), of the Asteraceae (Compositae) family. David-Müzeyyen Merrick Yes Online View Edit
Day-flying moths: Identification Guide Around 1500 identified species of moths are found in the British Isles, but most of them fly at dusk or at night. Lewington No Publication View Edit
De Nederlandse hooiwagens (Opiliones) A superb account of the Dutch Harvestmen which includes most of the UK fauna. The illustrations are outstanding. Hay Wijnhoven No Publication View Edit
Describing flowers Do you want to use a flora but not sure what the terms actually mean? Bebbington & Bebbington No Publication View Edit
Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland Freshwater Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland is a major project aiming to compile a web-based diatom flora and compreh Jüttner I., Bennion H., Carter C., Cox E.J., Ector L., Flower R., Jones V., Kelly M.G., Mann D.G., Sayer C., Turner, J. A., Williams D.M. Yes Online View Edit
Difficult Seashell Identification Guide Produced by Liverpool Bay Recording Partnership - this is a fab guide to shells likely to be found on British coasts - Ian Wallace Yes PDF View Edit
Draft key to British blowflies (Calliphoridae) and woodlouse flies (Rhinophoridae) This is a test version. Steven Falk Yes PDF View Edit
Dragonflies and damselflies of Britain Sometimes called the 'birdwatcher's insect', dragonflies and damselflies are large and charismatic insect Brooks & Askew No Publication View Edit
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Britain and Ireland A comprehensive field guide to the dragonflies and damselflies of Britain and Ireland. Nature Guides Ltd No App View Edit
Ducks, geese and swans From mallard to mute swan, from shoveler to smew, the FSC Ducks, Geese and Swans Identification Chart features all 32 of Norman & Langman No Publication View Edit
Dutch Harvestmen website Dutch Harvestmen website (in English). Most British species are described and illustrated, plus some new species. Jan van Duine Yes Online View Edit
Dutch Opiliones, Harvestmen Some very good photographs of most Dutch harvestmen on one page (including most of the UK fauna). English version. Jan J van Duinen Yes Online View Edit
Earthworm Identikit This resource is a web-based multi-access key for the 27 species of UK earthworms. Sherlock, Burkmar, Bell Yes Online View Edit
Earthworms Synopsis Since 1985, this Synopsis has been the standard work in English, providing the only generally-available means for correc Sims & Gerard No Publication View Edit
Earwigs, cockroaches and stick-insects An online guide to common earwigs, cockroaches and stick-insects Yes Online View Edit
Echinoderms The most complete coverage of the British echinoderm fauna published since 1927! Southwood & Campbell No Publication View Edit
Elateridae of the British Isles From the website homepage: "The Elateridae, or Click Beetles as they are commonly known, are a family within the Co J. Wallace Yes Online View Edit
English translation to accompany De Nederlandse hooiwagens (Opiliones) This translation is intended to act as a supplement to the Dutch publication, to which reference should be made for phot Hay Wijnhoven Yes Online, PDF View Edit
Entoprocts Entoprocts are minute, sedentary or sessile, semi-transparent, aquatic animals that encrust surfaces or live in associat Nielson No Publication View Edit
Euphausiid, Stomatopod and Leptostracan Crustaceans The three orders of crustaceans described here all belong to the subclass Malacostraca. Mauchline No Publication View Edit
Farmland Bird ID Guide Produced in collaboration with the RSPB this free colour ID guide contains images and descriptions of: Grey partridge, R RSPB, GWCT Yes PDF View Edit
Features of the Pennine Way Produced in partnership with the Countryside Agency and Natural England, this unique fold-out chart is aimed at Pennine Field Studies Council No Publication View Edit
Features of the Serpent Trail This long-distance footpath in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire, the Serpent Trail links the remaining fragments of low Middleton No Publication View Edit
Features of the Shropshire Hills Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Shropshire Hills extend from the Wrekin to the Clun Forest, and fr Boardman No Publication View Edit
Features of the South Downs Way The South Downs National Park was designated in March 2010. South Downs National Park & FSC No Publication View Edit
Field Guide to Invasive Plants and Animals in Britain The impact of invasive organisms is second only to habitat loss as a threat to biodiversity and yet, despite increasing Olaf Booy, Helen Roy, Max Wade No Publication View Edit
Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland Written by Steven Falk, professional naturalist and conservationist with over forty years' experience of working wi Steven Falk No Publication View Edit
Field Guide to the Dragonflies & Damselflies of Great Britain and Ireland (2014 edition) All Great Britain and Ireland's resident and migrant dragonfly and damselfly species fully described and illustrate Steve Brooks & Steve Cham, illustrated by Richard Lewington No Publication View Edit
Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe This ground-breaking identification guide to all the dragonflies and damselflies of Britain and Europe brings some of th Klaas-Douwe B Dijkstra, illustrated by Richard Lewington No Publication View Edit
Field Guide to the Larvae and Exuviae of British Dragonflies: Damselflies (Zgypotera) and Dragonflies (Anisoptera) This publication combines the original volume 1 on dragonflies and volume 2 on damselflies, now both out of print. Th Steve Cham No Publication View Edit
Field Guide to the Micro-moths of Great Britain & Ireland One of the most eagerly anticiptated insect guides for years . . Phil Sterling and Mark Parsons, illustrated by Richard Lewington No Publication View Edit